Community Service

We believe that being involved in our communities is not only the right thing to do, it’s also good business.

Volunteers plant trees

Year after year, our partners (employees) and customers inspire and amaze us with how they come together to make the world a better place.

Starbucks has created a variety of programs to facilitate community service and giving. And we keep looking for innovative ways to do this, as we did with our Drop of Hope program where we invited everyone to help bring a smile. Whether it is planting trees or tutoring street children, our stores and partners are at the heart of the communities they serve.

What We’ve Been Doing

Being involved in the community means doing something local and this is exactly what our partners all around Indonesia strive to do. One example is our partners in Bali who regularly conduct beach clean-up on every 22nd of the month. As part of their effort in keeping their favorite beach beautiful, partners would spend their afternoon collecting the trash in the sandy area while getting to know some of the local people.

Another example is our Surabaya partners who work together with a local organization to support its recycling activity. Every week partners would take turn to group the different trash collected and packaging it for recycling.

At the heart of the country, partners in Jakarta have poured thousands of volunteering hours into the city. While some partners spent their morning repainting a school in their community, others conducted a breaking the fast evening with orphanage children.

A more recent program that we initiated together with Flink Magazine is Drop of Hope. Started in 2012, Drop of Hope invites customers all around Indonesia to brighten a child’s life by granting their wish. With four simple steps: login to the website, selecting a child’s wish, purchasing the wish item and dropping it off at one of the hope boxes located at the store, everyone can play a part in bringing a smile . Over 1,000 wish items have been collected throughout the three cycles of Drop of Hope, all of which have been handed over to the respective organizations.

To sum it all, our stores are here to make a difference.