Starbucks Reserve™ Colombia La Casiana

Starbucks Reserve Colombia La Casiana
This is an unique and exquisite cup that empowers a group of women in coffee to become entrepreneurs
This small lot was grown by a team of women in the Vereda La Casiana district of the renowned Northern Andes coffee region. Since coffee is at the heart of the area’s culture and commerce, the women of this co-op are empowered to master more than agriculture; they are entrepreneurs, spreading good environmental, economic, social and business practices. 
Their inspiring story and relentless drive serve as a fitting backdrop for a coffee that speaks for itself—grown in the high elevation of a storied origin, La Casiana delivers an exceptional cup with pronounced milk chocolate and caramel flavors. This is the first time we’re sharing this coffee, and the determination of these extraordinary women points to a promising future.
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