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Triple Mocha Frappuccino is a dream come true for dessert lovers with layers of signature whipped cream infused with cold brew, white chocolate mocha and dark caramel, while the new Dark Caramel Coffee topped with rich, creamy dark caramel sauce, offers layers of whipped cream infused with cold brew, white chocolate and dark caramel.
Get into the summer spirit with Starbucks Special Summer merchandise collections. This bold colorful merchandise will transport you to a tropical island and take your worries away. 
Summer sunset is the best scenery, isn’t it? Starbucks Summer Seasonal gift card reflect its beauty with tropical sunset.
Bliss this summer season with Herbs and Garlic Twist Bread as starter, savors your hunger with Roasted Chicken Filone and close it with the perfect classic dessert, Tiramisu Cup. Complete your summer with sphere of moist chocolate cake coated with melt feel chocolate, Moon Star Cake Pops!